SEO 101 Video Training Series

Contained in this video training is the EXACT method that Kari DePhillips, owner of The Content Factory, used to grow TCF into a multi-million dollar agency from just $500. This is the same method that our team of SEO experts uses to deliver millions of dollars of highly targeted organic traffic to our clients ranging from startups to major national brands.

In addition to the comprehensive video training, you’ll also get access to the same internal guides, templates and checklists that my team uses to deliver massive results for clients. 

No matter your SEO skill level, this course will give you a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to setting your business apart from the pack and FINALLY raking in more highly targeted leads and sales than you'll know what to do with.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Lesson 1: Introduction to SEO

  • Why SEO is often the best, cheapest and fastest ways for businesses to increase their website traffic, leads, sales and market share.
  • A complete overview of how targeting the right keywords for SEO can be the best driver of sales for your business.
  • What is a “good” keyword? 
  • What makes a keyword worth targeting?
  • A complete review of what you should look at before targeting a particular keyword (search volume, CPC, competition, etc.)
  • A 1-month free trial of our favorite SEO tool, which does just about everything for you – it’s like a Swiss Army knife for SEO, and we’ll teach you how to use it (a $99 value!)
  • How can you get your content to outrank your competitors, and steal all of their leads and sales in the process? Introduce basic SEO guidelines.
  • How to write in a way that gets search engines AND potential customers to notice you.

Lesson 2: How to Find (the Right) Keywords

  • The three primary factors you need to consider when choosing which keywords to target, so you actually generate ROI instead of waste time. 
  • How to analyze how your website stacks up against the competition, and how to leverage their weaknesses to become your success.
  • How to identify what your target audience is searching for, so you can create content that provides value and generates leads/sales.
  • What tools you should use to find what your potential clients/customers are searching for. Seriously, these tools do just about ALL of the heavy lifting for you, and they’re free!
  • How to tell which keywords will generate traffic...and which ones will generate traffic that CONVERTS. 
  • How to predict what your potential clients and customers need, and then give it to them in a way that gets you $$$.

Lesson 3: Building Out Your Strategy

  • How to create a content strategy that will turn website traffic into money, providing value to your target audience along the way.
  • How to turn the keywords you research into blog topic ideas.
  • The #1 tool you need to find out what’s hot in your industry, and how to use it to better inform your strategy, connect with experts in your industry and find killer backlink opportunities. 
  • How to hedge your bets and ensure your strategy delivers results by broadening your target keywords.
  • How to tell if you’ve actually got a shot at ranking #1...or even on the first search engine results page, for that matter.
  • Everything you need to know to create a killer editorial calendar that will act as a highly effective sales funnel.
  • How to “silo” your content in a way that drives maximum value for your efforts. 

Lesson 4: Writing Blog Posts

  • How to format your content in a way that’s pleasing to search crawlers and your potential customers.
  • What you need to do to make sure your content is easy to read, understand and act on. 
  • The best way to make your content stand out on search engine results pages, so you can steal traffic from your competitors. 
  • How to target Google’s answer box with your H2 headers (and why you want to in the first place).
  • The must-have plugins you need to keep your SEO on track and automatically generate social shares while you sleep.
  • How to “bake in” content marketing as you write content, so you generate more social shares and backlinks from influencers in your industry.
  • How to use your content to build relationships with thought leaders you want to network with.
  • How to properly optimize your images for SEO.
  • The #1 mistake you want to avoid when it comes to images on your website – this can cost you THOUSANDS of dollars.

Lesson 5: Backend SEO

  • An overview of the primary factors that positively (and negatively) impact your site’s SEO.
  • Why you want to make your website’s load time as fast as possible?
  • What is robots.txt, and why should you care?
  • Why redirects matter, and how you can make sure you’re set up for success.
  • Why https matters (and why it’ll hurt when you do it).

Lesson 6: How to Turn Your Website into a Backlink-Generating Machine

  • An overview of why backlinks matter, and why you should focus on acquiring them over time.
  • What makes for a good backlink vs. a bad backlink.
  • How to use the Skyscraper technique to build backlinks, social shares and relationships in your industry.
  • How to use guest posting as a backlink acquisition strategy.
  • How to use HARO to generate killer backlinks AND $100k+ worth of media coverage for your brand in 30 days.
  • How to quickly find broken links on other websites, and leverage them to your advantage.

What People Are Saying About Our SEO Training

This course is amazing! I had high expectations of it based on the description, and it does not disappoint at all. I already have a fair amount of experience in SEO so I thought I'd know most of the material already, yet I was blown away! The material is presented in a clear and organised way, giving me a strong understanding of the concepts behind SEO - plenty of the 'what we do' but also the 'why we do it', which will help me with crafting my own SEO strategies. Kari or Chris actually share their screens and walk you through how to use SEMrush and more very effectively. I love how the course is suitable for total beginners and also people with prior knowledge.

I was very impressed with the value that Kari and Kelly delivered. Not only did they give you the resources and information, they tell you what you can do with the information and what results you can expect. As advertised, they provided guidance on how to fix the "expensive mistakes." I have learned a lot and I am glad that I was able to take advantage of the opportunity that they presented.”
—Pia Mieses

This is absolutely the most engaging webinar I've listened to in a long time. Every single tip had me furiously scribbling down notes. Kelly and Kari break down some of the most complex aspects of SEO into 9 easy-to-implement steps. I feel as though my SEO knowledge multiplied 100x from one webinar! Not to mention, Kelly and Kari were hilarious. This webinar is a must-watch.
—Samantha Pennington, CEO, Oree Virtual

Course Syllabus

Keyword Research

Content Creation and Strategy

Technical SEO

Bonus Content

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